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                                               Color match ,quality control & Lab testing  
               A complete list of plastic lab test machines
        Computer Color Matching System
        Standard Light Source
        Tensile/Flexural Testing Machine
        HDT Testing Machine
        IZOD Testing Machine
        CHARPY Testing Machine
        Meit Indexer
        Density Meter
        Molecular & Viscosity Meter
        Horizontal Type Injection Machine
        Vertical Type Injection Machine
        Laboratory Single Extruder
        Laboratory Twin Extruder
            Q.C systems
          With updated computer color match system, SMPC color specialists can always satisfy customers' expectations on colors. Environment-friendly pigments makes plastics widely used in different industries like home appliance,automotive,and office automation.Constantly perfected quality control systems, including ISO-9001 and ISO-TS16949,ensure the quality and consistency of our processes and products.